Frate Night I | Drink In the Art for $5

Friend + Date = Frate

It doesn’t have to be pre-dating. It doesn’t even have to be someone of the gender you would date. Take your best friend. Take a group of friends. The Frate Night series is designed to give you affordable options to invest in the people around you through simple, but creative experiences. I’m based in Raleigh, NC, so that’s where these will be set, but many of these ideas can be adapted to fit wherever you are.

Frate Night I

Drink in the art. The North Carolina Museum of Art Park is the perfect backdrop for a little cider sippin’ on the lawn. With no buildings to obstruct the view of the sky, a painted sunset takes this scenic gem to the next level. The park is open dawn to dusk 7 days per week and entry is completely free.

I know, I know—it’s winter. Who would want to sit in the cold when you could sit inside on a couch somewhere? I’m not advocating for picnicking in sub-freezing temperatures, but catch a warmer day—50 degrees or above—and you just might transform an average evening into a midwinter night’s dream.

Things You’ll Need:  
Winter – a blanket for the ground, some cozy blankets to wrap up in, a thermos of hot cocoa or cider, some mugs and a friend or two
Summer – a blanket for the ground,  some sparkling grape juice (note: no alcohol in the park), some glasses and a friend or two


Nice glasses class-up that grape juice.

Take a walk through the park and find your perfect spot to set up. When we do this, we usually take our bluetooth speaker so we can set the mood with some chill tunes. Lay the blanket, pour the drinks, turn your phone on silent and enjoy the company of those you’ve brought along. If conversation and the intriguing surroundings aren’t enough, you can bring cards and play a good old-fashioned game of Go Fish or War.


Maybe this whole thing sounds pretty lame to you, but here’s the thing—it beats the couch. Not to mention, it’s a chance to spend some QT without spending much $$. Enjoy!

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