What is Katie Listening To?

Warning: Blanket Statement Ahead! I love music. I don’t have a favorite artist, band, or song because I tend to change it up daily. Whether I’m listening to songs I can sing in the shower (aka: whatever is playing on the radio), belting out some oldies-but-goodies, attempting to remember a dead composer’s classical piece, or learning a new song from a random band that opened for a different random-semi-famous band, you will always see me jamming out.

This past week, I have been listening to my girl Halsey.*


That Name Sounds Familiar…most of us recognize Halsey from the song Closer by the Chainsmokers or the song Him & I by G-Eazy released towards the end of 2017, but Halsey has three amazing albums of her own that you should listen to. She currently has two singles out (Now or Never and Bad at Love) from her newest album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.” Her first album “Badlands,” released in 2015, is by far my favorite.

Why Halsey?

Halsey is young, but she has experienced so much in her life and it comes through in her music. Her lyrics are real, raw, and deep. Even the mainstream, pop singles have a hidden meaning. She is bold, she is fierce, and she is unapologetically herself. Take some time and check her out!

Bad at Love:

Hold Me Down:

New Americana:

*I don’t actually know Halsey, but it could happen one day…




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