Frate Night II | Take-Off in 5, 4, 3

Friend + Date = Frate

It doesn’t have to be pre-dating. It doesn’t even have to be someone of the gender you would date. Take your best friend. Take a group of friends. The Frate Night series is designed to give you affordable options to invest in the people around you through simple, but creative experiences. I’m based in Raleigh, NC, so that’s where these will be set, but many of these ideas can be adapted to fit wherever you are.

Frate Night II

Isn’t there a line in some country song about watching planes take off? Well, your night doesn’t have to end in the back of a cop car to enjoy an evening of watching those giant metal bullets lift off and disappear into the clouds. Nothing brings back childlike awe like the enigma of aviation.

Our warm January evening took off as we brought our dinner to Observation Park at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The park is open dawn to dusk seven days a week and offers a view of the airport’s 10,000-foot runway.

Inspired by long afternoons picnicking along the Guadalquiver years ago, we opted for a dinner that exudes the timeless elegance of the most basic European cuisine. We set up on the lawn just feet away from the raised observation deck and watched the mesmerizing action.

Wherever you are, give this one a try. Many airports have some form of park for visitors to observe take off and landing, so if RDU isn’t near you, look into what may be offered at your closest major airport.

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